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Hooked On Hummingbirds (Thomas Kaminiski) -- 2004 release [53 minutes -- List $22.95]

Review:  Excellent overall.  The video covers a number of different species that are common to North America, with an initial emphasis in the video on the western states.  There are a lot of interesting facts and illustrations thrown in that educate as well as fascinate, and there were consistently picture/video based examples to back up the facts.  My whole family watched this with me and everyone enjoyed it.  I learned things too, and this was the first time I have actually seen examples of the hummingbird's tongue reaching well into the sugar solution reservoir to get every last drop!  The only thing that might have made the video itself better would have been if it had been filmed completely in high definition.  [Perhaps Mr. Kaminiski will do that in a future version.]  This video would also be excellent for classroom use.

Overall rating: «««««



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