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Hummingbird Book Reviews

Hummingbirds of North America (Peterson Field Guides) -- 2002 edition [263 pages -- List $22.00]

Review: Like all of the Peterson Field Guides, this one is well crafted, attractive and informative.  This is a fine overview of hummingbirds in North America, with very nice photographs, migration maps and information about the 31 North American species.  If you are looking for a book that serves as a good general introduction to hummingbirds, without coming across as a treatise by an ornithologist, this one should serve you well.  Its list price in the U.S. is $22, but it can be found for less if you do some checking around.

Overall rating: «««««

Enjoying Hummingbirds

Enjoying Hummingbirds More, by Nancy Newfield (Bird Watcher's Digest Press) -- 2008 edition [33 pages -- List $4.99]

Review: This is likely one of the least expensive publications on hummingbirds out there.    I found a copy at our local Lowe's for around $2.75 (it can also be ordered directly from Bird Watcher's Digest).  It is a good guide for beginners who are just dipping their toe into observing hummingbirds as a hobby.  The information in the guide is sound and to the point.  It is also shorter than most publications at 33 pages long, but it covers the salient points.

Overall rating: «««« (great value for the $$)



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