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Southern California Hummingbirds

Black-chinned Hummingbird December 26th

All About Hummingbirds

    Located in Southern California, in the Santa Clarita Valley, CalHummingbird is focused on observing and appreciating hummingbirds that are native to Southern California.  The Santa Clarita Valley is located approximately 25 miles north of Los Angeles, in the mountainous region that borders Los Angeles to the north.  Temperatures here range from a low in the winter of about 32°F, to a high of as much as 115°F in the summer.  Although this is a generally warm and dry climate, it is a great place to observe hummingbirds.  Even now, in mid-December when this is being written, we still have 5-6 hummingbirds coming to visit our feeders (compared to 30-40 in the summer months). 

    Feeding and observing hummingbirds is a great hobby/activity for all ages.  I have found that seeing hummingbirds hovering around feeders is interesting for everyone.  On this web site you can learn how to get started with hummingbirds; find out some fascinating facts about these little birds; learn about various activities that go beyond just feeding and observing; and hopefully get started with your own relationship with hummingbirds.  Enjoy!

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